How Esteemed Business Coach McKenzie Young Turned Her Dreams into Reality

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 3, 2020 / The pandemic has introduced a lot of new ways to deal with life. With social distancing protocols and stay-at-home still in full effect in most countries, it is inevitable to adapt to a new lifestyle and the way we conduct business. But did we ever stop to wonder, “Did we ever succeed in adjusting to the great shift?”

Since the start of 2020, many individuals have become creative in balancing between being safe from the virus and trying to make ends meet. Some ascertain it to be difficult and find themselves in a rut, but there are people like McKenzie Young whose resilience treated the new normal as an obstacle that they can overcome.

With government protocols that demand new ways of dealing with life, McKenzie is one step ahead. At the age of 22, she owns three online businesses and currently makes multiple six figures. As an internet entrepreneur, how she started was no easy feat. When she began venturing into the business world, she had no startup capital. At that time, she only had eight hundred dollars to her name. But she persisted with a goal in mind.

When her mom was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer a few years ago, McKenzie decided to go all in and scale her businesses. Her grandfather always encouraged her to achieve everything that she set her mind into.. She was able to pay off her mom’s debt and help her through treatments. Because of her hard work and perseverance, her dreams of financial independence became a reality.

Due to the successes McKenzie reached at a young age, she wanted others to achieve the same. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs to create their dream life and business in ways that feel good to them.

With thousands in her online courses, hundreds in her group programs and numerous one-on-one clients, she was able to determine how she could effectively facilitate success with her clients. She noticed that for people to achieve favorable results in their businesses, they must have both the mindset and strategy.

With her clients’ welfare and successes in mind, McKenzie thought it best to provide a more holistic approach when it comes to coaching online entrepreneurs. What sets McKenzie apart is that she focuses on both mindset and strategy, while most other coaches only focus on one thing over the other. She has proven that clients will get the best results if the two factors are implemented hand in hand – with her clients doubling, even tripling their income while working with her.

Speaking from experience, McKenzie does not believe that there is a ready-built system in growing a business. She built her three online enterprises differently. That is why she believes that for her clients to develop their business, instead of laying down a strict process to follow, McKenzie equips them with multiple tools to scale up their businesses.

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